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Wedding dance


“Esküvői tánc betanításával az esküvő előtti hetekben kerestük meg Barbit és Balázst, akik szívesen vették a felkérést és bíztattak bennünket, hogy nem kell félni; olyan egyedi koreográfiát állítanak össze nekünk a zenéinkre ami látványos de ugyanakkor könnyen betanulható lesz. Ígéretük beigazolódott és az általuk betanított tánc tovább emelte az esküvőnk fényét. Köszönünk mindent!”

Csilla és Péter

“Az esküvőnk szervezésének első pillanataiban eldöntöttük már, hogy valami igazán egyedi tánccal szeretnénk kedveskedni a násznépnek, szakítva a hagyományokkal és a 10 mp-es zenebevágásokkal... Így esett a választásunk Barbira és Balázsra, akik már ismertek minket régebbi salsa órákról és tudták, hogy milyenek is vagyunk:) Kedvenc zenéinkre egyszerű, de nagyszerű mozdulatokat tanítottak nekünk, amikkel pár percre a parkett ördögeinek érezhettük magunkat és hatalmas sikert arattunk! Köszönünk mindent! Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudjuk őket!”

Alexandra és Tamás

A few reasons to choose us:

  • Partnership

    We build on your concepts from the beginning, so we never have the same choreographies. Your ideas are always welcome, because representing yourselves in the wedding dance is our most important goal.

  • Tailored to you

    Be an absolute beginner or seasoned dancer, we bring the best of your abilities out so that it looks great on stage too.

    Depending on the complexitiy of the choreography, even two teachers can support you at the same time, so the learning curve is faster.

  • Musical diversity

    We can choose and edit the best music for you. Of course we welcome your own ideas and tracks.

  • Professionalism

    With years of experience in dance instrucion and choreography, we can teach you the needed steps and movements in a clear and simple way.

  • Simplicity...

    Maybe you won't learn the perfect waltz now, but we can improve it with something personal and unique.

  • ...or madness

    Make a unique, creative impression! With mixing 4-5 tracks of your favourite retro or modern songs we can build a style-independent choreography that best exhibits your personalities.


Useful information

It makes sense to think about the following:

- How much time - and money - takes to learn a dance? In our experience, the average couple can learn the basics of a standardised dance (ballroom dances, salsa etc) in a nice, even improvised way in about 4-5 classes, but this takes at least the same amount of independent practice at home. So, counting with one class a week, it takes about a month and 20-25.000 HUF to learn a dance at us. This isn't a binding offer, only an estimation. See below for detailed prices!
- How many dances do you want to learn? One/two? Only an opening dance, or midnight waltz also? As most likely you don't want to dance the same choreography twice or three times in the night, learning every additional dance means extra time, cost and - typically for the guys - a lot more stress. It is also worth considering that in the interest of a successful midnight dance the evening's alcohol consumption must be strongly reduced.
- How complicated would be the dance? Many are satisfied with a nicely choreographed waltz as opening dance, others vouche for a crazy mix of 5-6 dances. Both ideas have merits, it is your decision.
- Do you have former dancing experiences? Complicated moves and choreographies are easily done if you did some formal training before - be it ballroom dancing or aerobic.
- Begin learning in time! It makes sense to begin at least 2-3 months before the wedding - of course it doesn't mean that you need continous classes for 2-3 months, but you will be more confident.

A good dance instructor will provide an optimal solution for everyone, based on their ideas, possibilities and skills. The relation of ideas and their doability becames clear during the first or second class, and the teacher must adapt the difficulty of movements and the choreography accordingly. Couples mostly underestimate themselves - they can do a lot better than expected - but sometimes they need to accept that they will only learn the basics of a dance instead of the envisaged acrobatical movements and spectacular show-elements. A simple but tasteful waltz provides a much better artistic experience than a hasty, patched up, faulty choreography.


Basic rate of one class (60 minutes) is 4500 HUF in 2019, which includes:
- instruction of the basics of the choosen dance(s) with minimal choreography (beginning, ending, structure),
- one-time music editing (eg. fadeout),
- studio rental

Extra costs:

- downloading music (mp3, at least 128kbit/s): +500 HUF/track
- mixing/editing of more tracks: +1000 HUF/track

Cancelling a class within 24 hrs: 2000 HUF