Club Cubano | Show

Would you like a high quality show?

Be it a small, homely event or a grand scale outing, contact us to assemble the suitable program, from 5 minutes up to 50 minutes or more.

Only Club Cubano presents Cuban dance shows in the region with appropriate costumes. Our show dresses make our program even more spectacular.

The audience isn't only a passive spectator with us: we can move the people by teaching salsa or other latin dances, animations besides the show, or as a standalone program.

Our strengths

  • We build on the ideas of the customer from the beginning on, that's why we never have two same shows: the program is selected from a wide range of Cuban dances, always focusing on the requirements of the location and the audience.
  • Written contract and invoice go without saying.
  • With years of routine in dance teaching and choreography we guarantee that the presented dances are both entertaining and authentic at the same time.
  • The most important thing on the stage is - besides the technical execution - presence. That's why we always adjust the dresses of the dancers - even with multiple changing - to the given style.
  • One program element takes about 3-5 minutes of time. The full length and parts of the show can only be specified after ascertaining the date and time. This does not concern the dance teaching / animations, their length can vary between 15 minutes and an hour as needed. You can order the two services (show and animation) separately or together.