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Dances taught

  • Cuban Salsa - one of the most widespread dances of the world

    The Cuban Salsa (or as the Cubans call it: Casino and Timba) gives you the potential to develop your own style. The sheer variety of music makes expressing a wide range of emotions and passions possible from tender, romantic songs to the energetic, strong afro influences. Although improvisation is essential part of all Cuban dances, in salsa everything is permitted.

  • Cuban Son - nostalgic elegance

    While the virtuosity of salsa lies in its quick, dynamic technique and fusioning nature, the seemingly easy elegance of Son is dominated by slow movement, concentration and style - this is why it's still one of the most popular social dances in Cuba. Its movements and music became the cornerstone of later styles like Mambo, Cha-Cha-Chá and ballroom Rumba.

  • Afro and Rumba - the cultural heritage of Africa

    The Afrocuban Rumba is a tradition of the descendants of black slaves brought to Cuba. It needs great endurance and dexterity to dance, and it is still a popular activity among city folks. The gathering of the neighbourhood in a courtyard or simply on the street and entertaining themselves with a subgenre of Rumba: Guaguancó, Yambú or Columbia is a real social event. Both music and songs are improvisative and strongly connected to the movements of the dancers.

  • Other styles

    You also get to know the Cuban style Cha-Cha-Chá and Reggaeton embedded in our salsa curriculum.

    Moreover, we teach Kizomba and Bachata for private students, and - mostly for engaged couples preparing for their weddings - ballroom standard and latin dances too.

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