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You can easily learn to dance too

All you need is a good teacher and regular practice. Join one of our classes, or ask for private lessons!

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Our main goal is to share our passion of salsa, delivering high-quality social experience, professional instruction, training and fun for all age groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What foreign languages can you teach in?

English, German and Spanish

Both of us are fluent in English, Balázs speaks excellent German and Barbi can express herself quite well in Spanish.

Are there any salsa/latin parties in Pécs?

Yes, but not often.

There are parties once a month during the fall and spring semester, for the dates please check our website or Facebook page. If you come in the summer there might be longer dry spells.

When does the next beginner’s course start?

Corresponding to the university semesters.

We launch new groups twice a year, in September and February. If you want to start learning at another time, we are available for private classes.You can even have a separate group with your friends, please contact us for the details.

Isn’t it too difficult to understand a class if I don’t speak Hungarian?

No, we always help foreign students with explanations.

We always have foreign students at our classes, so we are used to communicating parallel in Hungarian and - mostly - English.

Is it possible to attend classes without a partner?

Yes, of course

Those arriving without a partner dance with each other and often change partners, so that nobody stays alone for the whole class. Usually there are more girls at the classes, so for them there might be some time when there is no dancing partner available.

Is changing partners compulsory?

No, it’s not

If you wish to spend the whole class with your partner, that’s OK. However, you have to know that dancing with different partners makes the learning process more effective.

What kind of dress and shoes should I wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in

At beginner salsa classes there is no need to change, but if you would like there are dressing rooms available at every location.

Please note: changing to clean shoes is compulsory at every course. These can be heels or flats for girls, whichever they prefer.

What age groups attend your classes?

All age groups

We have students from every age group, from 20 to 50+, so you definitely won’t feel ‘too old’ among the others. We don’t have groups for children as yet though, because they require different teaching methods.